My name is David Young Shin.
I am a Brooklyn-based designer looking for opportunities to collaborate with designers to produce innovative and meaningful digital products.

Currently, I am working with the RPA on the Metro Health Index Website

Available for new projects in: April 2018

For information and proposals please contact:

Fourth Regional Plan is a guideline for NY/NJ/CT to achieve greater equity, shared prosperity, better health, and sustainability over the next 50 years.

_Able is a product designed to improve the lives of people who suffer from Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD).

Disney Parks and Resorts Digital prototyping toolkit; a library of digital assets for the global UI design team.

The Studio Art BFA Catalogue is a collaboration between DYS Design, The College of Fine Performing Arts (CFPA), and local printers.

Sketches + Experiments: 2015 —